Barge Workover Rigs

Baywater is unique as it is the only company to offer both inland barge drilling and workover services. Through multiple acquisitions in 2017, Baywater acquired five Taylor 500 workover units, which are currently operating in the San Juan Basin in New Mexico. Baywater has three active conventional barge workover rigs (1,000 horsepower).

Upon acquiring the units, Baywater performed inspections and repairs to align the units with our maintenance program. Our maintenance program ensures the rig is always ready to operate at the highest level while minimizing downtime to an average of less than one percent historically.


Workover Equipment

Bayou Teche

Inland Workover Barge

  • Power 1,000 HP
  • Dimensions 165’(L) 44’(W) 14’ (D)
  • Draft 5'
Full Specs