Plug & Abandonment

End-of-well operations are often more difficult than initial well construction. These plug and abandonment (P&A) operations require maximum efficiency without sacrificing safety, while limiting impact to the environment.

Baywater has the expertise to facilitate safe and efficient P&A solutions on worldwide operations. Our full suite of well abandonment technologies reliably address a wide range of environments, while integrated planning ensures cost effectiveness while meeting regulatory and technical requirements.

The purpose of permanent well abandonment is to isolate permeable and hydrocarbon bearing formation in order to protect underground resources, and prevent potential contamination of potable water sources and preclusion of surface leakage. If a well is not properly abandoned, it may provide pathways for brines, hydrocarbons or other fluids to migrate up the well and into shallow drinking water aquifers or to the surface.

P&A and Re-entry P&A operations can be risky if proper precautions are not taken when milling through leaking cement or bridge plugs. After safely handling any trapped pressure while maintaining well control at all times, we will complete the P&A operation by setting cement and bridge plugs and removing casing as needed.

Baywater has performed many successful P&A and Re-entry P&A projects, along with other decommissioning activities for operators in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our P&A services include:

  • Re-entry Abandonment
  • Temporary Abandonment
  • Isolating Reservoirs Completion Removal
  • Pumping Cement Plugs
  • Installation of Bridge Plugs
  • Casing Window Milling (Section Milling)
  • Casing Cement Bond Logs
  • Casing Cutting (Mechanical Explosive Abrasive)
  • Surface Casing Pulling and Removal
  • Casing Cutting Downhole
  • Casing Cutting at Surface