Inland Water

Barge Drilling Rigs and Workover Rigs

Baywater has four active conventional and posted barge drilling rigs (1,000 to 3,000 horsepower) and three active conventional barge workover rigs (1,000 horsepower) working in the inland waters off the Gulf Coast. Baywater is unique as it is the only company to offer both inland barge drilling and workover services.  Our experienced crews understand the operator’s needs and excel in providing efficient and cost-effective performance while maintaining a safe work environment.

Our maintenance program ensures the rig is always ready to operate at the highest level while minimizing downtime to an average of less than one percent historically.

Marine Service Package

Baywater is experienced in providing a complete marine service package for our inland barge rigs. Our marine service offerings include two recently-purchased tugboats ranging in horsepower from 900 and 1,200 and ten crewboats. Through offering multiple services to our customers, we reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

Inland Water Equipment


No rig types selected.


Posted Drilling Barge
3,000 HP
210’(L) 54'(W) 14' (D)


Posted Drilling Barge
2,000 HP
210'(L) 54’(W) 14’ (D)


Bay Drilling Barge
1,500 HP
185'(L) 54'(W) 16' (D)


Posted Drilling Barge
2,000 HP
210'(L) 54'(W) 14' (D)

Bayou Black

Inland Workover Barge
1,000 HP
192’(L) 42'(W) 14' (D)

Bayou Blue

Inland Workover Barge
1,000 HP
198'(L) 53’(W) 12’ (D)

Bayou Teche

Inland Workover Barge
1,000 HP
165’(L) 44’(W) 14’ (D)

Abby Kate

Inland Push Boat
900 HP
58.5'(L) 24'(W) 7.6' (D)

Grady Ray

Inland Push Boat
1,200 HP
60'(L) 24'(W) 7.7' (D)